OCM is the campus ministry of Oakhurst on UNC Charlotte’s campus

Vision: Reaching Charlotte students with the Gospel and equipping them for a lifetime of advancing the Kingdom of Christ and His Church

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Weekly Meeting

When: Thursdays 7pm

Where: Union 265

Who: Anyone and everyone!

What: Studying together the good news of the Gospel and how it genuinely changes our lives, playing group games, worship, and snacks!

Why: We believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ has infinite power and it applies to you. We want to create a space for you to discover why Jesus wants to have a relationship with you and how your life should look if he does!

Some weeks we gather in Union 263 (right across from from Union 265)

Small Group Study: What is the Gospel?

Starting the week of 9/11, small groups will meet and discuss the book What is the Gospel? to discover the truths of the Gospel and how it can transform their life. These groups will be led by OCM leader, Calvin Davis and Oakhurst members and meet for 5 weeks for 45 minutes a week.

The purpose of these groups is to not only explore the Gospel and its impacts, but also to 1) prepare students for discipleship groups which will begin following the 5 week study and 2) connect students with those leading the discipleship groups (the same who are leading the What is the Gospel? small group study).

If you are a Charlotte student interested in participating, contact Calvin Davis:

cdavis@obccharlotte.org or (984) 287-0943

OCM Upcoming Events

OCM Tailgate 9/16 3pm

Church then College Lunch 9/17 10:30am

Two Ways to Live – Pastor Dave Russell 9/28 7pm

OCM Tournament Day 9/29 5:30pm

OCM Fall Retreat!! 10/13 – 10/15 (includes Church and College Lunch)

Contact Calvin Davis with questions:

cdavis@obccharlotte.com or (984) 287-0943